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The Ultimate Guide to Humor in All Kinds of Literature

The Ultimate Guide to Humor in All Kinds of Literature

Ever since humans have been able to communicate, they’ve used humor to make their points. Humor has been prevalent in all forms of literature, from serious works to comedy sketches. While some authors use humor for purely comedic purposes, others use it as a tool to convey a deeper message. In this article, we will explore the different ways humor can be used in literary works and identify some of the most hysterical examples.

Humor can be found in any type of literature, from tragedy to comedy. The tragedy is typically characterized by its dark elements, such as death and destruction. As a result, tragedy is often heavy on the emotional side and doesn’t need much humor to work effectively. However, there are exceptions to this rule- among them is Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, which is one of the most humorous tragedies ever written. In fact, Hamlet is so funny that many people regard it as a comedy rather than a tragedy.

Comedy relies on exaggeration and parody to create laughs. Parody is when an author takes one thing (usually something serious) and makes fun of it by using an ironic or spoof style. One of the most popular types of parody is satire- which uses irony or ridicule to criticize social institutions or individuals. Satire usually targets people who are prestigious or well-known, which gives it a certain political edge that can be quite humorous. For example, The Onion newspaper publishes satirical articles about current events

youtube doki doki literature club

Welcome to the youtube Doki Doki literature club! This series is designed to help you find humor in all kinds of literature. We will be discussing different works of literature and how to find humor in them.


In this first episode, we are going to discuss Jane Austen’s Emma. Emma is a romantic comedy that follows the lives of Emma Woodhouse and her friends Mr. Knightley and Miss Bates. Emma is full of witty one-liners and hilarious scenes. One of my favorite scenes occurs when Mr. Knightley and Emma are walking in the park and Emma says, “If only I were beautiful, happy, and wealthy, like you.”

Another great scene occurs when Mrs. Elton comes to visit Emma. Mrs. Elton is very pompous and thinks she knows everything about love. She tells Emma that she has found the perfect husband for her and gives her a list of qualities that he must have. Emma is not impressed and retorts with a quote from Shakespeare: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


In conclusion, humor is an important part of any good novel, and Jane Austen is no exception. If you’re looking for a funny read that will make you laugh out loud, then Emma is the book for you!

best literature youtube channels

If you’re looking for some great literature-based comedy channels, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best comedy channels on YouTube:


1. LiteratureVsComedy

This channel is run by a husband and wife team and features videos in which they read classic literature, while also commenting on the humor therein. They have a wide range of books they’ve covered, from Shakespeare to Jane Austen, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.


2. The Great Books Comedy Podcast

This channel is home to two very talented comedians: John Early (aka Johnny Darko) and Sean Laughlin. They take on classic literature in hilarious and thought-provoking ways, often dissecting complex works in ways that make them accessible to modern audiences.


3. LiteratureVideosHD

This channel is run by two brothers who love reading and making funny videos about it. They’ve covered everything from classics like The Great Gatsby to more recent works like The Fault in Our Stars. Their videos are well-produced and full of interesting insights into the works themselves and the comedic potential they hold.


4. This Is Literature

This channel is run by a group of friends who love reading literature – and making funny videos about it. They cover a wide range of topics, from analysis of literary devices to hilarious readings of traditional children’s stories. There’s always something new on this channel to watch.