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The 10 YouTube Videos That’ll Make You Want To Keep Your Children Inside

The 10 YouTube Videos That’ll Make You Want To Keep Your Children Inside

Do you have kids? If so, are you feeling a little guilty about watching all those scary YouTube videos of animals getting hurt or people being killed? (We feel your pain!) But don’t worry, these 10 videos will make you want to keep them inside and safe.

The first video is of a cat playing with a toy mouse. It’s cute and innocuous, but watch the way the mouse moves – it’s creepy! The second video is of a person hanging from a roof by their feet. Again, it’s just someone playing around, but watch how quickly they start to panic when the rope starts to malfunction. The third video is of two kids in a park playing tag. As they run around, suddenly one of the kids screams and falls to the ground. Watch as his friends run over to help him and realize that he was just pretending to be hurt – luckily no harm was done. The fourth video is called “Scare Compilation: Doki Doki Literature Club”. It features different people screaming in fear for no reason. In the fifth video, a woman is cooking dinner when she Suddenly her kitchen begins to turn into an eerie horror movie setting complete with blood dripping from the ceiling and creepy crawlies crawling across the floor. In the sixth video, two girls are driving home from school when they get pulled over by police officers who demand that they get out of their car at gunpoint. In the seventh video, a man is shaving at home when he

doubling everyday literature book on youtube

When it comes to entertaining kids, few things can beat a good book. But if you’ve been looking for an alternative to reading out loud, you may want to check out some of these great doubling everyday literature videos.


In this first video, illustrator and author Nick Holman reads aloud from his new book, The Sheep Who Dreamed of Scissors. With lively illustrations and a fun story, this video is sure to keep your little ones entertained.

Next up is another great book-reading video from author and artist Bob Shea. In this clip, Bob takes us on a journey through his latest children’s book, The Day the Crayons Quit. With plenty of memorable scenes and humor, this video is sure to keep your kiddos entertained for hours on end.


If you’re looking for something a bit more educational, check out this next video from Dr. Seuss scholar Chris Van Allsburg. In it, Chris reads aloud from his classic children’s book The Cat in the Hat, complete with colorful graphics and lots of laughs.


If books aren’t your thing, try out one of these other great doublings’ everyday literature videos instead! In this clip from comedian John Oliver, he takes on the topic of school shootings and how we can all prevent them. With clever jokes and powerful messages, this video is sure to hit home with parents everywhere.


Finally, in this funny clip from YouTuber Lilly Singh, she teaches

dystopian literature on youtube

1. “The Handmaid’s Tale”


Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, this video adaptation tells the story of a society in which women have been reduced to second-class citizens and are forced into sexual servitude. Although the story is disturbing, it is also thought-provoking and provides a fascinating look at what could happen if our fundamental rights were taken away.


2. ” 1984″


George Orwell’s classic novel tells the story of life in a totalitarian society where the government controls everything and everyone. The video adaptation is chilling and provides an excellent illustration of how easily a government can manipulate its people.


3. “The Hunger Games”


This movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s best-selling novel follows 16 teenage contestants who are forced to compete in a televised game that results in the death of one contestant every year. Although the plot is exciting, the video does an excellent job of showing just how brutal and violent a reality show like this can be.


4. “Ender’s Game”


This science fiction movie adaptation tells the story of a young boy who is chosen to be sent to Battle School to become one of Earth’s best soldiers. The video provides an excellent overview of the military strategy used in Ender’s Game, and its intense violence will appeal to even the most pacifist viewers.