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20 Free Classroom Sites To Spice Up Your Literature Course

20 Free Classroom Sites To Spice Up Your Literature Course

There are plenty of websites out there that offer free resources for classroom use, and many of them are perfect for enhancing your literature course! Below, we’ve compiled a list of 20 great crash course sites that you can use to teach everything from Shakespeare to Hemingway.

1. Crash Course Literature is a YouTube channel run by education professionals, and it offers bite-sized video lessons on a variety of literary topics. Each video is only about five minutes long, so they’re perfect for short bursts of learning.

2. Quizlet is another great resource for teaching literature with quizzes and flashcards. You can find quizzes on all sorts of different authors, books, and topics, and the site also has an extensive list of educational materials like lesson plans and worksheets.

3. StudyMode offers a variety of tools designed to help students learn more effectively. One tool called “Reading Mastery” helps students track their reading progress over time, while “Reading Comprehension” provides quiz questions and answers to help students test their comprehension skills.

4. Novelist provides online instructions for writing novels from start to finish – you can even submit your work for feedback from professional writers! The site also has lots of helpful resources like writing prompts and tips for developing characters.

5. Great Books Online offers a huge selection of free e-books covering all sorts of literary subjects. You can read classics like

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Looking to spice up your literature course? Check out these 20 free classroom sites!


1. is a great resource for novelists, students, and teachers.


2. LitCharts offers interactive visual representations of literature that can be used in class discussions or as study tools.


3. LibGuides provides comprehensive guides on a variety of literary topics, from Shakespeare to James Baldwin.


4. LitHub is a platform for writing about books, with contributions from book critics, writers, and readers alike.


5. BibliOZon provides access to tens of thousands of free e-books and audiobooks on Literature and Language.


6. The Open Education Consortium offers learning materials for teachers around the world, including lessons and activities for literature courses.


7. The Teaching Company has a wide range of resources for educators looking to teach literature in a variety of ways, from online quizzes to unit plans.


8. The CCEL Literature Portal is an online hub for teaching English language learners about literature through readings, discussions, and videos.


9. Novel Ideas is a blog written by teachers that shares ideas for incorporating literature into their classes with students of all ages and levels of comprehension.


10. The Literature Network offers hundreds of lesson plans, quizzes, and other resources designed to help teachers teach literature effectively in their classrooms.

Browse through these 20 free classroom sites to get ideas for teaching literature.


1. Lit2Go


Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 format. All stories are accompanied by text and images, so even struggling readers can follow along. This site also offers an extensive Teacher’s Guide with activities and lesson plans for each story.


2. The Online Books Page


The Online Books Page is a great place to find full-text books online. You can search by author, title, or keyword to find the perfect book for your classroom. Best of all, everything on this site is absolutely free!


3. Gutenberg Project


Gutenberg Project contains over 54,000 free ebooks that you can download or read online. These books are in the public domain, so they are perfect for use in the classroom. There is also a handy search function to help you find exactly what you need.


4. World Digital Library

The World Digital Library offers free access to primary source materials from around the world. This includes manuscripts, maps, photographs, and much more. Teachers will find plenty of resources for using these items in the classroom here. 5)LibriVox LibriVox is a great resource

Some of these sites offer short videos that can be used as crash courses on the different genres and styles of literature.


In addition, these websites also offer interactive games and quizzes that can help test a person’s knowledge of literary terms and authors.


For those who are more interested in reading novels, there are also websites that offer free e-books that can be downloaded. These websites are a great way to learn about different types of literature without having to spend any money.

Add some of these sites to your Literacy Toolbox and start teaching with excitement!



1. ReadWriteThink- offers a variety of interactive tools that help students with their reading and writing skills. There are also lesson plans and professional development opportunities for educators.


2. National Geographic for Kids- This website is a great resource for kids who are interested in learning about the world around them. There are games, videos, and articles to explore, and kids can even submit their own photos and stories.


3. Scholastic- With resources for both teachers and students, Scholastic has something for everyone. From lesson plans to book lists to discussion guides, there are plenty of ways to engage with literacy here.


4. PBS LearningMedia- This site from PBS provides educators with free lesson plans, videos, and other resources on all subject areas. Educators can search by grade level or subject to find what they need.


5. The Literacy Site- As the name suggests, this site is all about literacy! There are resources for educators, parents, and students on topics like early literacy development, reading-aloud tips, and more

crash courses on the literature on youtube

1. This website offers a variety of online courses on literature, from introductory courses to more specialized topics. Each course contains readings and assignments, so you can get started right away.


2. OpenCourseWare: OCW is a nonprofit organization that offers free online courses in a wide range of subjects. You can find classes on literature here, as well as courses on business, history, science, and more.


3. KhanAcademy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that offers video lessons on a wide range of subjects, from math to history to literature. In addition to these free videos, you can also purchase premium access to the site for $5/month.


4. E-Learning Center: The E-Learning Center offers a variety of online courses on literature, from introductory courses to more specialized topics. You can find classes on literature here, as well as courses on business, history, science, and more.


5. edX: edX is a nonprofit organization that offers free online courses from some of the world’s leading universities. You can find classes on literature here, as well as classes on math, economics, and more.